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I am Paula Klee Parish, Founder and President of Women on the Move, Long Island. The creation of WOTM stems from my passion for working with women as a business development consultant, career counselor, life coach and educator.



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Paula Klee Parish, Founder, President/CEO – Performance Solutions, Inc. and “Women on the MOVE” Network. The mission of her network is: Creating independence through empowerment and education...READ MORE

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"Hi Paula, I have only been a part of your networking group for a few months, but I can already see how it differs from all of the others in which I've been a member. Everyone is all about helping, giving and growing together - largely because this is how you have designed the group to be.  We are continually learning and sharing new ideas while encouraging each other to achieve even greater success. When someone is in need, you reach out to our members and always get a great response. We are truly here to help each other in any number of ways. It's not about handing out as many business cards as we can - at all. I feel lucky to have found such a great group of women - and you! Thank You."

~Barb Herd, Independent Marketing Executive, The Good Life

“Paula is a people person - plain and simple. She loves putting people together and making them shine. Women on the Move is the perfect venue for this and I'm so glad to be a part of it. Paula's generosity of spirit, her extraordinary ability to bring out the best in people, her loyalty and integrity are reason enough to want to be in her orb. She is the real deal!”

~ Ada Hasloecher, Mediator / Founder, Divorce and Family Mediation Center, LLC



"Dear Ladies: To those of you who were able to come to the dinner the other night to hear me speak, I wanted to thank you for your questions, your enthusiasm and your compassion. It is my hope you took with you “aha” moments, tips and tidbits to weave into your life or profession... It was a delight to meet new friends and listen to your stories... you are in great hands with your fearless leader...Paula Parish."

~Sallie Felton Life Coach/Transition Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Author

"It was great to meet you all. I am impressed with the collective passion, focus and professionalism of your group. Paula's doing a great job of serving up meaningful programs that will only be to your benefit."

~John Tinghitella of Humble Confidence Inc.

"Thank you for all you are doing to build a supportive community for women to live a life they love and to live it powerfully!"

~Ellen Cooperperson, CEO - Corporate Performance Consultants, Inc. & President - CPC Family Business Division
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